Oasis Relax

Aroma massage will help you to immerse yourself into the intoxicatingly sweet-scented atmosphere of real pleasure. It is really hard to list out all the advantages of this type of massage. Just imagine how intense your sensations can be with a pleasant relaxing procedure performed in a form of a real erotic aromatherapy massage? Many, who visited professional massage therapists, know that this kind of pleasure is incomparable to anything else. And now you have the opportunity to not only feel the lightness and pleasure you have never felt before, but also to make your body healthier. Several sessions down, you will throw off insomnia and depression, anxiety and distress.

But aromatic oil massage is more than just soothing hand movements, but manipulations developed scientifically to enhance healing effects using special essential oils. It is undoubtedly an effective method of improving your health state. Through an invigorating and stimulating effect, aromatic oil massage makes the nervous system and respiratory organs work better, accelerates the elimination of toxins and poisons, regulates the metabolic process, and stimulates the circulatory system. Fatty natural oils are the best for aromatherapy. A variety of essential oils is, of course, appealing to the eye, however, the most optimal are natural oils based on apricot kernels, exotic and fragrant avocado, jojoba, and, last but not least, almond oil known for their beneficial cosmetic properties. Therapists also use various massage creams and special commercial mixes, but always with the addition of several types of essential oils.

You can please yourself with such an aroma session, as well as make an unforgettable gift for your loved one by presenting a certificate for an erotic aroma massage either to celebrate a special date or to spend a regular day’s night. Visiting our massage salon will be your experience to never forget if you decide to share this balmy procedure with your loved one.