Oasis Relax

Body Cream. If you love sweets, candies, and strawberry desserts, then the Body Cream program is the best option for you. Do you happen to know that desserts can be not only sweet, but also sexually sweet?

First off, a nude and slender beauty will properly ignite you, performing an exciting, refined, and alluring erotic massage.

The girl will cover your entire body with fragrant oil … And then, she will begin conjuring over your body, relaxed yet exhausted from growing lust.

Her silky palms will slide along your back, chest, belly, legs, shoulders, and buttocks, touching, teasing and exciting. Your body will turn into a single erogenous zone. This cycle of delicate touches during the erotic massage session is simply unforgettable!

But it is only part of the story! Further, you will have a creamy dessert promised by your seductive mistress. This is an exclusive erotic dish, which, if tasted, will give you exquisite satisfaction.

What could be more fabulicious than the taste of a smooth and tender girl’s body, covered with pastry cream? You passionately and voraciously pick the dessert with your lips and tongue. Not an inch of this fresh, young, and beautiful body is missed: you kiss her young perky breasts that look as if created just for being caressed and cherished, her tummy, rounded delicate shoulders, and smooth slim legs…

During the Body Cream program, you will enjoy watching the girl carried away in a whirlwind of pleasure, and will follow her, gently rolling with the come and go of the waves of pleasure. You will be captured by the maelstrom of sensuality and sexual delight.

Would you like to try this sweet erotic dessert with another fairy? Come visit us again! After all, even sensual pleasures can be diversified…