Oasis Relax

Classical massageю Excessive workload, increased physical exertion, uncomfortable position during the working day – all these things sooner or later cause pain in the back and limbs, chronic fatigue, and even a number of serious complications. The human body needs to be warmed-up, released from stiffness and the torturing oppression of pain. Classical massage is the best way of not only relieving body fatigue, but also treating and preventing a number of chronic diseases.

This massage is performed in four steps: stroking, rubbing, vibration, and, finally, kneading. Classical massage begins with a light stroking. The soft yet strong hands of the therapist relax your body with pleasant touches, preparing it for a more intense manual effect. Vibration is usually a tapping with the fingertips. It makes the body healthier at the cellular level. Classical massage also incorporates some auxiliary techniques, such as shifting, felting, twitching, percussion, for example, with the edge of the palm, etc. It is best to entrust the conduct of such a procedure to an experiences therapist, since this massage requires proper performance in accordance with a well-developed technique and should have a positive and sustainable effect.

Classical massage is indispensable for the rapid elimination of pain, for regeneration of injured and inflamed tissues. It improves the performance of muscles and their tone, strengthens the joints and ligaments, and increases blood flow. Larger areas of the body are to be massaged in the first instance. Then, the therapist should move to smaller ones. The effect of classic massage usually becomes noticeable after 10 sessions, but cases as well as the duration of sessions may vary.