Oasis Relax

Usually, the phrase erotic massage triggers a long train of kinky associations.

Some people use their riotous imagination to envision extremely dirty scenes, primarily relying on their perception of the word erotic, while others rush to the other extreme, and picture erotic massage as a procedure performed by a male chiropractor…

In reality, things are not that peremptory. The ritual of erotic massage is primarily an action aimed at strengthening both physical and mental health. It was invented and perfected by our ancestors. Erotic massage encapsulates the collective wisdom and ancient secrets of the East, the courage of the West, and the mysticism of medieval witchcraft. In our erotic massage salon, we rely upon the secret heritage of Egyptian sex votaresses, Hellenistic courtesans, Japanese geishas, and Indian temple dancers. All these techniques, coupled with modern technologies and the experience of our therapists, will do a magic job for your tired body…

The most difficult task our visitors are challenged with is choosing the program that will suit them best. One does not know where to look first: we offer a wide range of main and extra massage programs, each promising tremendous aesthetic and physical pleasure.

Here, our hostesses will give you their helping hands. Over a cup of tea or coffee, they will carefully listen to your most spicy fantasies and wishes. You will have the opportunity to become closely acquainted with our young, attractive, and healthy hotties.

After all, erotic massage, what is it like? This is a magical necklace of diamonds: touches, taps, strokes.

Erotic massage is the magic embodiment of female beauty. Our relaxed and inventive fairies will hold an incredible therapeutic massage session, turning it into real erotic performance with you starring.