Oasis Relax

Would you like to know things you have never had any notion of before? Feel the burning heat and the chilling cold at the same time? Come visit our massage salon, and you will be pleasantly surprised. Get a kick out of the Fire in the Ice program complemented by a healing and rejuvenating effect. The program itself is a fascinating action that promises great delights. This is all about the intriguing and fiery refreshing Fire in the Ice massage. Two completely opposite elements unite to make you feel like never before. Such an unusual experience is hard to forget.

This type of massage is likely one of the most health-giving procedures, which at the same time requires knowledge and skills. The techniques for performing Fire in the Ice massage differ slightly depending on therapists’ expertise and specifics of massage salons, but its main feature remains the same: it employs the thermotherapy method, that is, alternation of hot and cold temperatures. Therapists usually use special stones as conductors of cold and heat. Marble stones are used for cooling down, basalt stones – for warming up. Or, first off, the therapist places a hot mat on the client’s back, and then, having mixed the massage oil with tequila or cognac, applies it to the skin and proceeds to massaging.

This procedure increases metabolism by improving blood flow, activating and regulating the nervous, immune and endocrine systems of the human body. This can be regarded as its main, and the most useful, effect. With the muscles relaxed, pain reduces, tone increases, which contributes to a more rapid overall recovery, the respiratory system is strengthened, and you feel yourself calm and refreshed.