Oasis Relax

Foot massage and head massage, it sounds so down-to-earth, doesn’t it? You’d better keep options open because our salon of erotic massage converts these seemingly boring procedures turn into a dream of any man.

In ancient India, head massage was considered an art that many dreamed to master.

Foot and head massage is a great way to treat your headache without medication. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to relax, to lose the shackles of stress and internal tension. And the erotic zest of this massage will bring you a lot of unexpectedly pleasant sensations and emotions. You will fully enjoy the alluring aesthetics of the process, watching through half-lidded eyes a naked slim nymph fluttering around you and bringing well-deserved rest to your body.

You will forget about all your setbacks and troubles and recover your peace of mind.

Specially selected aromatic oils and meditation music will help you reach the desired blissout.

Do you happen to know that the specific touches of our therapists have truly miraculous effects? Foot massage is a proof. Every man, at least once in his life, has to try it: a beautiful young nymph at your feet rubs, strokes, and kneads your tired feet with her palms smeared with fragrant massage oils. Luscious music and intimate twilight reign in the room. You are on the top of the world!

In addition to new sensual impressions, foot and head massage can also charge you inner batteries and energize you after full relaxation.

We care not only for your body, but also for your state of mind. The sweet memories of your erotic adventures you went through during your Foot and Head Massage session will not disappear, and you will surely want to come back again.