Oasis Relax

Hellerwork erotic massage is a modern and unique massage technique which is very different from the rest of techniques. It got its name from its inventor, Joseph Heller.

Hellerwork massage can be distinguished by the use of not only the therapist’s body and lips and some usual attributes that can bring the client to a state of euphoria, such as beads, feathers, silk tissue, but also non-standard and unexpected items. These are metal, glass, plastic items, pieces of leather, melted wax. However strange it may sound, but such an unusual impact on your body really works and evokes emotions.

Not least important are light and delicate touches of the therapist and her hot breath on your skin. Thanks to this mix of sensations, your body easily falls into an ecstatic state laced with trembling and inner thrill. Believe us, Hellerwork is something extraordinary.

Your erogenous zones will liven up, with the range of your sexual sensations and fantasies diversified and strengthened.

Just picture a room enshrouded in mystical twilight. Alluring scents surround you, emitted by flickering aroma lamps. You are blindfolded, and a charming naked nymph plays with you in an intriguing game called “enigma”.

Thanks to a well-rehearsed order of stimulating certain points of your body, which is most likely unknown to you, our nymph will help you achieve the fore-pleasure followed by deep relaxation.

This type of erotic massage has a health effect, also. The point is that each part of the human body has its memory. When massaged, due to the diverse effects, the memory is released and releases you from any negativity.

Hellerwork is a pleasure for those ready to experience something new, something that can bring you the emotions you have never thought of before.