Oasis Relax

Imperial massage is a pleasure for true connoisseurs of pleasure. So, if you come to a massage salon and want to feel like a real emperor and to find your peace of mind, then this service is exactly what you need.

Depending on what you prefer, Imperial massage can be performed by either one or several therapists. You will be offered to taste ripe pineapples directly from the bodies of our beautiful nymphs. Cold champagne will complement the delicate taste of tropical fruit. Erotic show performed by our charming girls will, no doubt, touch your feelings, revealing your craving for having more. The program can also include an aqua-foam massage session in the shower. Intoxicating bubbles of a magic beverage and the beautiful naked girl surrounding you with their attention and special courtesy will help you forget about any routine setbacks and relax in this unforgettable extravaganza of sensations. Your soul filled with peace, you will plunge into the atmosphere of the subtlest pleasure. The massage procedure performed by two therapists incorporates an anti-stress technique and relieves fatigue, while the synchronous movements of therapists’ hands improve the relaxing effect and make you feel yourself completely free from your pressing concerns. You can also enjoy the head massage service. The skillful movements of the therapists’ hands will wipe off all your anxieties, and you will become utterly absorbed in the pleasures of the subsequent body massage session.

But imperial massage is not only an erotic pleasure, but also a healing procedure. If you choose to include spa bags, elements of the most ancient Japanese imperial massage, then you will receive a rare opportunity to combine unforgettable sensations with a healing effect. The history of this massage can be traced back to mysterious ancient China and Siam.

Initially, this type of massage was available only to members of the imperial families and the secrets of its execution were kept in the strictest confidence. But today, every man who wants to experience this secret and unforgettable pleasure can afford himself to feel like a true emperor.