Oasis Relax

Massage lingam is a ritual of honoring and healing one of the most important parts of a male body. Simply put, this is groin area massage, but there is more in this than meets the eye.

Massage lingam will give you a stunning voluptuous effect. You will enjoy it tremendously for it will make you feel like new, with your accumulated fatigue disappeared and sexual tension relieved.

The purpose of this massage is to let you get the maximum of what the most sensitive area of a male body can give. In addition, this kind of exotic massage can significantly strengthen the male power and shed all kinds of sexual inhibitions and taboos.

During the massage session, the gentle and speedy hands of the therapists pay full attention not only to your lingam, but also to the entire groin area, your perineum, your thighs.

Before starting lingam massage, it is recommended to go to the toilet to enhance and prolong pleasure. Our enchantress will carefully position you on a massage bed your legs apart, with a couple of pillows under your head, and will post herself between your legs. She will cover your lingam with fragrant massage oil, and the sacred rite will begin! When massaging your groin area, slow, exciting, and pleasing movements of her hands will be alternated by fast, teasing, and tickling ones. Her palms will caress your every crinkle, every inch of your lingam, tightening and loosening up grip, alternately.

In your mind’s eye, vivid multi-colored flashes float, taking you far away as if you left your physical body and went straight to heaven. The charming girl will fuel your sensuality to the extremes by stroking and dabbing your lingam, caressing and pleasing your flesh. Relaxation is not the main purpose of lingam massage, so the moment of relieve will be delayed to prolong the unearthly sensations you experience.

The massage session finished, the beauty will not immediately leave you, bit will quietly lie down beside you, stroking your body and prolonging the pleasure she has just delivered to you using the lingam massage techniques.

You will not regret the time spent!