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Muladhara is an erotic massage of extremely sensitive points of the male body, located in the inguinal zone. This exquisite pleasure will discover new dimensions of your sensuality and expand the horizons of your perception of eroticism.

This type of massage came from India, the birthplace of Kama Sutra and the magnificent ancient Hindu temples of Kajuraho, which glorify sensual and sexual love between a man and a woman. If you want to know what an incomparable daring pleasure is like, the pleasure which is not meant for an ordinary man, Muladhara massage will be your best choice.

This erotic program is a 100-percent guarantee of unforgettable sensual pleasures. It aims at bringing a man to the pitch of sweet madness and ecstasy by means of a series of special touches and movements.
The Muladhara touch technique, invented in India, will bring you the exquisite and refined pleasure to memorize for good. It will make you strive for such sensations over and over again.

The Muladhara touch technique is based on a delicate game of sensations and the proper stimulation of the Muladhara chakra located in the inguinal zone. It is possible to stimulate this chakra by applying special massage movements of various intensity in such a way that the whole male body will tremble with huge incomparable delight. Your therapist uses not only her hands, but also a gentle languid breath, and her beautiful silk hair as a “tool” to bring you to the pitch of ecstasy. With her light massage movements, our nymph will be caressing your groin, each square inch of your inguinal zone. The breath of the beauty will warm the most sensual areas of your groin, bringing you extraordinary pleasure and a strong shiver of excitement.

If you like trying new things, especially in the sphere of sex and sexuality, you will appreciate the sophistication of Muladhara, which brings pleasures shrouded in the mystery of ancient times and exotic India.