Oasis Relax

The Japanese culture attracts us with its exoticism, ancientness, and refinement. Sakura in bloom is a recognized brand of the Land of the Rising Sun. It is an object of admiration, revered as a sacred thing.

Sakura blooms during a very short period of time. The Japanese perceive it as a possibility of aesthetic and spiritual enrichment.

Men come to a salon of erotic massage to fill their inner world with peace and harmony, to get rid of stress and anxiety accumulated. The Sakura Blooming program is perfect for handling these issues. And this is why: in Japan, any erotic experience is inextricably linked with the philosophy of love. A loveable and passionate beauty, our pride and joy, will caress and stroke you very slowly and sensually. Her gentle palms will bring your flesh to a state of sensitivity to any, even the most subtle, touches, and any such contact of your bodies will bring you immense pleasure with the Sakura Blooming massage program.

The hot tongue and soft lips of the temptress, like the most delicate petals of cherry blossoms, will slide along your entire body. She will gently touch your skin, warm and tease you with her passionate breath, alternating touches with kisses and delicate stimulation with the tip of her tongue.

Such miraculous tenderness will wake up your inner volcano of sensuality and will make it erupt with the spanless fiery lava of emotions and sensations…