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Massage is likely the most pleasant among the treatments offered in various salons. However, healing the human body remains the main purpose of any massage. And sports massage is not an exception.

First off, this type of massage is medically necessary to athletes exposed to the certain physical exertion. It aims at galvanizing sportsmen during competitions, rehabilitating after injuries and their consequences, and recovering from psychologically and physically stressful states. Due to these factors, sports massage is divided into preliminary, training, restorative massage, and the massage to treat illnesses and sports-related injuries. There is also another systematic classification of sports massage, which depends on what group of muscles is used more than the others in one sport or another and considers load distribution among all muscle groups.

Sports massage is indispensable if you work hard, with increased physical exertion, or spend most of the day driving. The rubbing movements of this deep massage will warm up your muscles, galvanizing the lymphatic and circulatory systems and improving the general condition of your body.

Preliminary massage is necessary for an athlete before heavy loads and is usually performed a few minutes before the competition. This type of sports massage also has several subclasses: warming-up massage to keep your muscles toned, deep warming massage of a certain muscle group to prevent hypothermia, toning massage to stimulate apathetic muscles, and soothing massage to minimize neural excitation. Training massage will help avoid overstrain and excessive energy consumption, and can often replace the training itself. Its specialized stretching techniques are designed to improve elasticity of ligaments.