Oasis Relax

If you believe it is high time to have a good rest because you cannot even remember what spending time on yourself is like, then, this gentle and relaxing massage, with an erotic innuendo, is your best choice!

A night spent together with a skillful and caressing therapist will color your life with iridescent and bright hues – all due to Taihu massage.

Taihu massage traces its origin to the depths of time; however, you cannot call it obsolete, because even in the vanity of your everyday cares, there should always be some space for carnal delights!

This massage technique helps to balance the man of today’s mental and physical condition, to throw off many illnesses, including hidden ones.

In our erotic massage salon, you will find yourself in a relaxing atmosphere: lounge music and delicate scents have been specially selected so that your tired body would recover from fatigue.

Our tender nymph will cover your body with heated massage oil spreading a fascinating aroma of fruit and herbs. As soon as your relaxed flesh feels the first timid and tender touch of the therapist’s velvety hands, a feeling of inexplicable inner joy will immediately take possession of you. It is a unique in its strength and depth physical and spiritual experience inherent in Taihu massage. Whether it is raining or snowing outside, Taihu massage will charge you with spring freshness – those very forebodings of the first bubbling spring waters and exciting flavors that make your pulse accelerate. During a Taihu session, every cell of your body will be filled with the anticipation of new carnal sensations and miracles!

The beauty will be attentive to your reactions synchronizing her movements to the rhythm of your breath! Her movements are gentle, but, at the same time, professional. She knows how to deliver you exactly those feelings that you are thinking about at the moment. Fabulous, agile, and perceptive fairy in her movements – femininity embodied – will slowly cherish every inch of your body and you will forget all your setbacks and problems unresolved.

This type of massage will bring you a feeling of lightness and renewal. You will feel like you have been born again!