Oasis Relax

What is it like having the legendary Thai massage? To sift this question to the bottom, there is no need to visit the Land of Siam. Surrendering to the caressing and skillful hands of our therapists will be enough.

A Thai massage session traditionally begins with light, sliding, barely perceptible strokes along your entire body. Then, massage movements become more and more intense, and now your charming therapist, all wet because of the aromatic oil covering her body, massages you with her body.

The girl strongly presses against your chest, belly, and buttocks. Here, the fire of sensuality overtakes you, with your blood seething and washing every little vessel. Now, it feels like you are free from gravity and ready to catch the air…

Then, the more and more intense lust starts sending shockwaves through your body. You are lost in time, not knowing if a minute or half an hour has passed, you just leave your physical body and soar above it.

With her delicate yet well-thought-out movements, the enchantress will help you to tune out from all setbacks of your routine life, and generally forget about everything but a gorgeous body pampered and horny.

After what you have just experienced, you will need some rest. You will be offered to lie down in a calm and peaceful posture, and the beauty will gently stroke you with her fingertips, slowly sliding along your body with her chest, buttocks, tummy, and hips. This will surely trigger your reaction followed by a relaxation.

Thai massage will help you refresh your mind and body like never before. Your anxiety will disappear and your fatigue will recede for a long time. Morning is the best time for this type of massage as an invigorating procedure, while having it before going to sleep is a great means of relieving tension and stress you accumulated during the day.